General Features

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A special feature

In systems using pantograph arms, both motor pivots are active.

Thus ensuring:

  • better torque distribution,
  • less wear and tear on the system,
  • safer synchronisation of the operation of the two arm shafts.

The wiper blade is attached to the arm by an adjustable flange that allows easy and perfect alignment with the glass mounting.

The nozzles are incorporated on the wiper arm head.




The Gallinea windscreen wipers are custom-designed for each vessel.


In collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic, Gallinea has developed a DQN protocol for system design.


All it takes is a few simple items of information to propose a custom design for any boat.

The design is carried out in 2D or 3D depending on the type of implant and information received. A 'boat sheet' is created for each implant, summarising all implant components and assembly instructions.


All Gallinea products, from the arm to the motor to the electronic control unit, are manufactured exclusively in Italy.