They are the result of the knowledge related to different problems encountered in nautical field. Each machine is developped starting from effective use conditions; it is possible thanks to different calculations instruments and thanks to a test bench where fans are concretely tested.  This permits us to offer our customer not only products but also advises to optimize engine room ventilation (for example: calculation of conduit’s power loss). There are two fan’s ranges: centrifugal and axial for ventilation. Actual production is based completely on our partnership with a qualified automotive producer.

This kind of fans has brought significant advantages in marine applications with more efficiency and a weight reduction. Together with fans Gallinea supplies also their “controllers”: they handle operating cycle and mch more according to customers’ requests.

A.C. Axial blowers

A.C. Centrifugal Blowers

D.C. Centrifugal Blowers

Blower 12,00 inch (24V FGM)

Blower 12,00 inch (24V FMG)

Blower 15,16 inch (24V FMG)