About us

Gallinea was founded in 1959 to establish itself in the nautical sector with electrical and electronic components.

In this market, it has developed its technical, design and service skills with consistent determination.
Thanks to the trust and esteem it received from the most prestigious shipyards, Gallinea has grown and consolidated its position in a segment, such as the nautical sector, which from the point of view of product, technical know-how and design, represents one of the highest expressions of the most successful made in Italy.

In 1999 it became Gallinea Srl.

Continuous dialogue with its customers allows the company to develop a vision related to the product and the system as a whole. A vision useful in building up over time a network of skills, both internal and external, oriented towards providing customers with maximum support in terms of service and problem solving.

In 2007 Innovation for Boat takes shape.
A division that identifies a series of services and products designed in Gallinea to address the future of boating.

The aim is to meet the needs of modern boat owners who are increasingly attentive to technological evolution, design, and lifestyle, without ignoring concern for environmental impact.

This creative effort is evidenced by the presence in the company of people who have long dedicated themselves almost exclusively to Innovation for boats.
People who seek industrial solutions for new products or new approaches to renewing, even radically, what was previously done in the traditional way.

This division offers the market Made in Gallinea products and products developed with partner companies that share the brand's vision.


About us