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Gallinea fans are the result of a careful knowledge of the problems found out in nautical field. Each fan is developped starting from the effective use conditions. This is possible thanks to the use of a test banch where fans are tested. This permits us to offer our customers not only machines, but also expert advices to optimize engine room ventilation (for example calculation of charge loss in channels). So we have developped a range of machines with singular features:

- structure in plastic material (PA66+30%FB ) developped expecially for marine field

- maximal baldes’ efficiency

- IP68 engine, continuous service, compact dimensions

- low electrical consumption

- low noise

- extreme lightness, more or less 70 % lighter than traditional machine

Machines are available with flow motor (FMG) or flow motor impeller (FGM) according to customer requirements

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Blower 8,858 inch (24V FMG)

Blower 8,858 inch (12V FMG)

Blower 8,858 inch (24V FGM)

Blower 12,00 inch (24V FMG)

Blower 12,00 inch (24V FGM)

Blower 15,16 inch (24V FMG)

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